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Est. in 1952

I am currently a senior Architectural Technologist and the first seeds of the origins of GSH Designs were planted when I (Gideon Stephanus Henning) qualified as a Survey Draftman and joined the South African Railways (SAR). My interests and passion have always been in an architectural direction as beautiful structures, lines and curves have always kindled my interest and inspired me.

My career started in Aliwal North and after a spell in Johannesburg I moved to the picturesque village of Strand in the Western Cape, located in the Hottentots Holland Bowl or Helderberg Bowl, below the majestic Hottentots Holland mountain range. I still call Strand my home.

It is interesting to note that Strand was formerly known as Somerset West Strand.

At that time new developments and redevelopment of the broader Strand region were the order of the day. I was thus privileged to be able to form close working relationships with builders and construction companies that worked in the area. By consistently delivering thorough work and ensuring timely submissions for any new projects for approval, I was able to establish very good working relations with these stakeholders as well as the municipalities.

Image of inside roof room.

Due to my good working relationships with the municipalities and construction companies in the Helderberg Bowl, I was able to build up a broad client base and to deliver services to clients as far afield as Betty’s Bay, Kleinmond and Hermanus. My services to clients in these areas are currently still ongoing today.

The method of submitting plans at that time is far removed from the methods employed today which make use of computerised resources. In those days plans were still drawn on tracing paper which was extremely labour intensive.

I have always been motivated to improve my knowledge. In order to remain up to date with any new developments in the Architectural Industry or possible amendments to building regulations, I regularly attended courses offered by the Institute of Architects.

My business (GHS Designs - Membership number: ST0633) is registered with the Institute of Architecture.

My grandson Stephan Gideon Henning has joined GSH Designs and it is indeed an honour that I am able to include him in my business with pride. I am sure that as a team, together we will continue in the tradition of excellence in professional service delivery that has long been the standard for which GSH Designs has been renowned.

Image of inside roof room second.

I think my best skill as an architect is the achievement of hand-to-eye coordination. I am able to transfer a sketch into a model into the building.